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Griffin Snow Cartoons is the home for the comics, animations, and video games of artist Griffin Snow. Founded in 2008, Griffin Snow Cartoons features comics such as "The Source of the Winds", "West Bay High", and "Song for Forgotten Horizons". The website is generally updated with new content every Sunday, so check back often!


About "The Source of the Winds":

Amaria LeChatlier is a 16 year old girl from the city of Unity Line, the last city in the world. Beyond Unity Line’s barriers are hordes of terrifying creatures called whisperers. After a giant whisperer breaches the barriers, Amaria is surprised to meet a man and his son who claim to live outside the city. The man states that he’s on a journey to find the Source of the Winds. But what sort of secrets exist in the world, both inside the city, and out?


About "Song for Forgotten Horizons":

Escarde Estmarck and Yassir Fareem are self-proclaimed “Adventurers for Hire” in the small, sleepy village of Rinona in the once-great Empire of Ziorre. The two young men find themselves taking on any small job they can to try and get by, all while Escarde hopes for an opportunity to become a hero. However, he finally gets his chance when a mysterious letter arrives at the boys' office, asking for their help in dealing with a big-time criminal. As they set off in search of adventure, Escarde and Yassir make new friends and foes and quickly learn of an upcoming event that could change their world forever...

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